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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The clothes Dryer has a History.

When you are drying your clothes in your beautiful clothes dryer, do you ever wonder how this wonderful invention ever came about. Maybe it was out of necessity, maybe people got sick of draping their laundry on rocks, hung on tree branches and finally strung out on a line to try and dry the clothes or sheets and pillowcases without having them fly in the dirt before they were ever dry.

It seems that a French man named Ponchon developed the first dryer in 1799. It tumbled clothes etc. as it turned over a fire, with a crank handle. I wonder how many clothes and pillowcases or sheets just burnt up in the process. You sure wouldn't want to put your pants on right out of the dryer!!!
Several other tumble dryers were developed before the 1950 clothes dryer emerged that actually looked like our modern day dryer.
In the 1890's an elaborate rack dryer was developed that sat on top of the wood stove. It wasn't until later around 1915 that the first electric dryer came into use.

Clothes drying technology has grown in leaps and bounds since then to the beautiful ultra modern machines we have today. But no matter what dryer we come up with, there will never be a duplication of the wonderful smell of clothes and sheets and pillowcases that are dried in the sun and the wind.
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