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Friday, May 28, 2010

3 Super Hints to keep the Washing Machine clean.

These handy tips came from the dryer repair guy. Who would have thought he would have such good hints for laundry and washing machine.
Cleaning the Washing Machine:
* 2 teaspoons Lavender in warm wash cycle. This deals with residue that builds up in the machine.
* Then follow up with a gallon of white vinegar in a warm wash cycle, do this every 3 to 4 years.
* Natural detergents act like fertilizer so you will need to do this cleaning more often.

Amount of Soap:
* Correct amount of laundry solution to use depends on our location, if soft water in costal areas use only 1/4 of the recommended amount. Harder water areas use double the soft water area. I find the box says way more than you need to use.

Laundry Loads:
* Sort by fabric weight rather than colors, this gives a better cleaning. Laundry soap companies want you to sort by color and laundry machine companies want you to sort by weight. The best washes are sorted by fabric weight as you get a better spin with the machine and thus a better wash.

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