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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Have you heard it's National Sleep Comfort Month

I came across this wonderful little article on line and thought I would pass it on to you, because it is getting very cold,and actually snowing in many areas. So it is time to bring out our most comfortable bedding. Read on and "Be Prepared".
I Quote:November is National Sleep Comfort Month
Get comfortable-
November is: National Sleep Comfort Month

Bring out the poofy pillows, nice sheets, and your favorite stuffed animal. Make sure to to tell your family about the importance of sleeping comfortably.
Everyone needs a sufficient amount of sleep to feel their best and to function efficiently throughout the day.

Visit the following web sites and see how they promote having a good night's sleep:

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BioPostureTM- a leading manufacturer of eco-friendly mattresses and pillows that provide unmatched comfort and support to promote restful sleep.
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