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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Joy of an Organic Mattress Topper

The wool and rubbers 2" and 3" Toppers are constructed from pure organic wool and Organic chemical free pure rubber. Wool acts as a deterrent to dust mites, is naturally flame retardent and naturally bacteria resistant. It allows you to sleep on a breathable surface. The 2" topper has 2 inches of natural rubber and a layer of pure organic wool quilted to organic cotton damask on one side and organic cotton damask on the other side. These are easily rolled up and taken with you when travelling so trips are more enjoyable. Elastic straps hold the topper in place and is still easily removable to take off for airing out or travelling. You will find that the pure rubber is comfortable and relieves pressure points which makes for a very good nights sleep. The breatheable quality of pure organic wool eliminates a lot of moisture which occurs from sweating under many types of fibers. We have heard some very good comments from people that have used this type of topper and found they are finally sleeping soundly without the sweating and uncomfortable feeling.

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