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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Welcome the new year as we say goodnight to 2009

It is snowing lightly here and everything looks so fresh and clean. A nice touch to the ending of another year, which has been wrought with ups and downs, the whole year.
Let’s all put on a new hat and plow into 2010 with joy and enthusiasm. We can bring out the best in all of us by being positive as we go forward. We, at our house, wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year and only good things for you at your house.

Karen,Owner,professional sewer,webmaster

Friday, December 25, 2009

Get to bed and Cover and up your head ! Santas coming!

Well here we are Christmas Eve and I’m not ready yet, but my bed is! Yesterday I switched our summer bed over to our winter bed, a bit late but like you I have been so busy, nothing got done. There is nothing so comforting, as crawling into organic cotton flannel sheets and pillowcases, with a big down comforter tucked into an Egyptian cotton duvet cover. This may sound easy to you but it is not, first we have to strip the bed shake out the feather bed so it doesn’t look like ocean waves. Then we wash and dry the mattress cover and put it back on over the feather bed and mattress. The flannel sheets and pillowcases are easy just pull them on the bed is made right…..wrong! Getting the comforter back into the duvet cover is a chore. I like to get the corners sitting in the proper duvet corners and then shake it into place. A down comforter does not shake easily, so I had to crawl inside the duvet and get the corners in and inch my way out all the while lining up the seams of comforter to duvet cover. That only took me 3 hours and it was on and looking fabulous. I on the other hand looked like a wreck, hair sticking up on end, red faced and sweating. My husband thought I was out running a marathon not just changing the bed…….Oh well who can understand me, not the Scotsman married to a Danish decent woman who “Just goes nuts at Christmas.”

Wishing you and yours the joys of the holiday season and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year! HO! HO! HO!

Karen and the Gang!

Karen,Owner,professional sewer,webmaster

Monday, December 21, 2009

Bedding Horror Story - Don't let the bugs bite!

Remember when we were little kids and afraid to go to bed because a monster was under the bed? We would run and jump in so it could not touch our feet.
I have good and bad news for you its not there that you need to worry about it is in the mattress. Dust mites are in the cotton when it is picked and goes into making the mattress and these little critters hatch and crawl out. Bed Bugs come from somewhere else outside the mattress and also hide during the day. These nasty little critters love the moist warm environment we create when we sleep in our beds, and can cause a lot of discomfort if you are sensitive or overexposed to them.
Did you know that there is an amazing product called a Mite Barrier cover available? Organic Cotton Mite Barrier covers for Mattress, Pillow and Toppers, totally chemical free high thread count heat pressed to tighten the fibers and special hard plastic zippers to help prevent mites and mite debris from entering.
Dust mites are nasty little critters that can cause a lot of discomfort for people who are sensitive or overexposed to them. Dust mites like a moister environment and like their name suggests, they like dust. Everyone should protect themselves from dust mites but if you are sensitive or suffer from allergies it is critical or extremely important to protect yourself. I have heard that there is a spray available now at better travel supply stores that kills bed bugs.

Karen,Owner,professional sewer,webmaster

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Don't Mess my Hair!

Don't you just hate it when your hair is nice and you want it to stay that way for one more day? Sleeping on your pillow wrecks any hair style. Well I have a solution for you - Try a silk pillowcase, the surface is smooth and silky and the hair does not stick to it and pull it out of shape. Silk feels so luxurious you will love the feel and be so surprised when you get up in the morning that you don't look like you were in a wind tunnel all night. Many years ago we would put a silk scarf around our head and that worked pretty well but the scarf moves and you wake up in the middle of the night feeling like you are lost cause the scarf is now on your face not your hair. Try this pillowcase idea and stay looking beautiful.

Karen, owner,Professional sewer, webmaster

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Welcome to My Beauty Bed

My Beauty Bed welcomes you to a world of beautiful bedding for your bed. Sheets and pillowcases, Duvet covers and pillow shams come in many colors and fabrics. The bed is a showcase for you decorate and create your own look and feel. Decorator pieces like pillows and coverlettes can make a huge impact to a bedroom. Create a WOW when you walk into the room that makes you feel like a princess or prince charming. Feel free to mix cottons with silks or embroidered items and use small blankets used as throws. Sheets also make great window coverings.