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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Did you catch the Olympic Fever!

Olympic fever has caught everyone in Canada and around the world by storm. The city was alive with happy and excited people wearing reds of every description, including me. Time to get out the red bedding and dress up your room for spring to keep the spirit alive. A lively Red silk sheet would make a really beautiful cape, a very pretty tablecloth, curtains to dress up a room, or try a red Duvet cover to Jazz up your bed or the kids beds. We watched all the games on TV while wearing our Canada Toques and scarves, it was fun..... Whatever makes you happy! Just Believe!

Karen,Owner,professional sewer,webmaster


  1. What a great idea especially with the para olympics coming I'd better dig into my linen closet and see what red I can dig out!!!

  2. I too loved the oLympic excitement. I did not get the change to hold the torch. Luck you!

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