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Friday, September 17, 2010

Bed Bugs on the View

Today on the View it was all about Bed Bugs,nasty little critters,note the pictures of a bed bug and Dust Mites,they suggested you buy mattress covers and pillow covers to keep the bed bugs out of your bed. We need these covers more than ever now, as bugs are epidemic! Get out and buy some before you are infested too. You can find excellent Organic cotton, tightly woven, Mite Barrier Covers, that these critters can't get through. They come in all sizes for mattresses and pillows at www.sheerheavenluxurybedding.com. Just order on line. They feature a special zipper that won't let the bugs/mites through. Check out the Barrier Cover page. For some added protection, I would suggest that you always wash your bedding in hot water to kill any attached to the bedding. We are told to wash in cold water to save on energy but the bugs love this concept and will tell all their friends to come over and have a nice swim. Check it out and order today! I already have mine and they are GREAT!!! See pictures of the covers.

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