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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Some Eco Facts on Bamboo Sheets !

Why Bamboo? Bamboo is a perfectly natural organic product and does not need any pesticides or other chemicals. It is naturally antibacterial and allergen free. Did you know that Bamboo stays cool in summer and warm in winter so is Heavenly to sleep on?
Don't worry bamboo shoots won't grow up through your body while you sleep! That only happens in King Kong Movies.......
As for the Environmentally conscious person you will be pleased to know that Bamboo is one of the world's fastest growing, greenest, and most renewable resources. Bamboo plants can grow up to a foot a day and because they grow so densely, a forest of Bamboo has about 40% more biomass than a Hardwood Forest, so can reduce about 40% more carbon than a Hardwood Forest.

Some Bamboo products have Egyptian Cotton mixed in to make it softer, stronger and more absorbent. Some cottons grown in North America are processed using pounds of chemicals, per pound of cotton, more than any other crop uses. Some of this ends up in our clothing and bedding etc. but most of it ends up the the Rivers and flows into the Gulf of Mexico's Dead Zone.
Eating Organically is great for the environment but our clothing, towels, sheets, and other textile processes probably have a harsher impact on our world.
Sleep peacefully on vegan/animal friendly Bamboo sheets from Sheer Heaven Luxury Bedding. Buy Now! before it's too late.

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