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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dry Skin? Itchy Mess! Feel like a Dog!

Do you wake up dry and itchy,feeling like a dog? Organic cotton is so soft and silky that you feel like you are sleeping in down,as there are no chemicals used the preparing of the cotton it is free of toxins that irritate your skin. Did you know that polyester loves oil and soaks it up,so if you already have dry skin and sleep in polyester sheets and night wear you may be dry and itchy when you wake up. You can try cotton/poly for your sheets, or organic cotton or Egyptian cotton grown in Egypt. Or for pure luxury try silk sheets, it is also very kind to your skin.
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Karen,Owner,professional sewer,webmaster


  1. Its looking fine, you can find more designer Luxury Bedding. from Spacify.

  2. I love organic sheets with a high thread count. We should be eliminating all the chemicals next to our skin, for certain.